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We are Roman DBDR.

We have a stellar track record of making successful investments in cutting-edge technologies, earning trust with our well-established background of demonstrated excellence and integrity. 

Meet our powerful team of trail-blazing leaders...


Our team has a long history of investing, operating, and raising capital in Silicon Valley. In fact, we were a part of three of the biggest transformations in technology over the last 20 years. 

In network security, we were associated with pioneering companies Recourse and Intruvert in the early 2000s. Both companies were backed by tier-one VC firms and achieved exits to Symantec and McAfee – and, while competing, allowed our two founding members to meet and eventually team up. 

In 2005, we combined forces to angel invest in Fusion, run the company across two rounds of funding, and help it achieve record growth. The signing of Facebook as an end-user account, who went on to purchase hundreds of millions of dollars, ultimately allowed Fusion to IPO in 2011 on the NYSE with a three billion dollar market cap – the pioneer PCIe card company that brought flash memory to the enterprise.

We went on to restructure and recreate Violin Memory, which pioneered the Memory Array market and achieved its own IPO on the NYSE in 2013.

We are a team that brings unique value to any deal, as we are ultimately entrepreneurs ourselves. Our unique skills make us the ideal team to find and grow winning companies in areas that are undiscovered or overlooked but are positioned for strong growth.

Leadership Team

Tech industry veterans with extensive operational experience

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Founder, Co-CEO, Chairman

Dr. Don Basile

20+ years of tech sector experience as an entrepreneur, senior executive, and venture capitalist

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Founder, Co-CEO

Dixon Doll, Jr.

Entrepreneur, angel investor, and operating executive with 25+ years of tech sector experience

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John C. Small

20 years of finance and Wall Street experience in TMT sectors

Board of Directors

Meet Roman DBDR’s first-class Board of Directors with significant, relevant experience and complementary investment sourcing and execution capabilities.

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Senior Director

Dixon Doll, Sr.

35+ years of technology investing experience

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James L. Nelson

Experienced CEO and director across industries

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Arun Abraham

Executive with significant M&A, capital markets, and SPAC transaction experience

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Alan Clingman

Lifelong entrepreneur with experience in the energy, finance, aviation and education industries

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Paul S. Misir

Entrepreneur with significant private equity investment and secondaries deal experience